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About us

We each have ideas of what it means to be successful. For Keith and Maureen Krichke, success includes being able to enjoy the family they cherish. It also means looking forward to each day as they work with some of the most beautiful Arabian horses in the world, as well as their associates within our community. Keith and Maureen’s success and achievements are the direct results of their commitment and efforts. Their relationship is a true partnership – they work as a team and use their strengths to support each other to achieve their clients’ goals, which in turn fulfills their own dreams.
Krichke Training Center is truly a full service facility. Keith and Maureen have been involved with Arabian horses for over 30 years. Along with their experience comes the knowledge of the horses, the ability to evaluate them for show and breeding potential, and the skill to bring them to their fullest potential in the show ring, the breeding barn and the marketplace.
Keith and Maureen began their careers by training and showing purebred and half Arabian horses in halter and performance divisions including English, Hunt, and Western Pleasure. They soon became mentors and coaches for their clients who wanted to participate more actively in the show ring. This evolved into the highly successful amateur owner program at Krichke Training Center. As Keith and Maureen perfected their skills, the blue and tricolored ribbons, red rose garlands and trophies began to accumulate. Today, they are recognized nationally and internationally as two of the most talented and successful halter trainers in the Arabian industry. Keith received the "APHA Male Halter Trainer of the Year” award in 1997, 1998, and again in 2011. Maureen received the award of "APHA Female Halter Trainer of the Year” in 1999. The list of their Scottsdale, Regional, National and International Champions is far too long to include here. You are invited to visit the Champion Gallery page on this website.
Over the years consulting, evaluation and marketing have become important services offered at Krichke Training Center. The goal is to bring clients and horses together to achieve their clients’ goals and to make dreams come true. Consulting is a multi-faceted service. It includes many aspects of ownership such as representing clients with mares, assisting them with stallion selection and producing high quality foals to show and market.
Evaluation is a service that requires experience and integrity. Keith and Maureen Krichke have earned reputations as trustworthy, knowledgeable equine experts in the Arabian horse industry throughout the United States and around the world. Owners, breeders and trainers depend on the Krichke’s expertise and honesty in evaluating horses for showing and breeding. Sales and marketing are also critical to breeders and owners. Krichke Training Center has been very successful in marketing their clients’ horses. In 2011, Keith Krichke marketed at least six of the horses that were named U.S. National Champions. Keith and Maureen are the people you can count on to find your next show ring superstar or champion producer. Visit the Services page of this website to learn more.
Looking to the future, Keith and Maureen are expanding the depth and scope of the services they offer as well as their own personal involvement in the Arabian horse breed. Their careers have evolved from trainers and handlers to Arabian experts and breeders. They have acquired their own small select group, which they breed with care. Recently, Maureen and Keith collaborated with longtime friend and client Linda Mehney of Grand Arabians and produced the show ring super star, Grand Command (Beijing BHF x GA Mi Grandlady), the 2012 ABWC Supreme Gold Champion Yearling Colt. The Krichkes also marketed this exceptional colt to his new owners, Dixie and Bob North of North Arabians.
Keith and Maureen Krichke extend this invitation, “If you are interested in learning about the excitement and joy of owning, showing or breeding Arabian horses and working with experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy people, we invite you to contact us today.”  Click here to visit our Contact page.